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Tzvi Odzer’s $100,000 COVID-19 PPE Donation

The COVID-19 impact on the nation’s public health system was a surprise as well as shocking in how fast it moved and how ill-prepared our emergency room networks were. Both in terms of supply logistics and readiness, it became apparent that by the end of March 2020, the U.S. was in bad shape regarding sufficient basic personal protective equipment or PPE for front-line medical workers. However, that didn’t mean the panic needed to continue. People like Tzvi Odzer sprung into action, with Odzer himself donating $100,000 to move PPE supplies to New York City hospitals where they were badly needed in the first few months of the infection response. 

Modern Day Logistics Turned Fragile Under Stress | Tzvi Odzer

Much of the breakdown had to do with PPE supply stocks suddenly being insufficient for the outrageous demand levels that weren’t anticipated. As a result, even regional suppliers that responded to city hospitals had little stock on hand. However, Tzvi Odzer was familiar with organizational, facility sanitation, and janitorial supply due to his own industry experience in the same field. It wasn’t even a matter of questioning; Tzvi Odzer galvanized fellow investors and community leaders and led a donation drive to provide local hospitals with the critical supplies and funding needed to better protect their front-line workers, from doctors to nurses to the hospital cleaning staff. 

Getting the Ball Rolling | Tzvi Odzer

Tzvi Odzer’s response was not a drop in the bucket. As he and community leaders like Rabbi Rubin worked over the details of how best to help, New York City hospitals were dealing with one of the worst waves of COVID-19, which ultimately resulted in over 24,000 deaths in the city by the time New York had regained public health control of the situation. It was obvious to everyone that New York City was at the epicenter of the impact, and Tzvi Odzer and those like him had the fortunate ability to do something about it. 

Saving Lives Saves More Lives | Tzvi Odzer 

Between Rabbi Rubin and Tzvi Odzer, both were able to seed a fund with Odzer’s initial $100,000 donation to help doctors and nurses obtain critical PPE, keeping them alive while treating extremely virulent patients and trying to save lives as well. In the end, much more was needed, but Tzvi Odzer was able to generate support that saved the lives of dozens of health workers as well as patients too. The work continues, and Tzvi Odzer continues to source and support additional resources for masks, PPE, and ventilators for New York City hospitals. Still, the initial help Tzvi Odzer kickstarted isn’t forgotten in the haze of recovery. 

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