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Tzvi Odzer Shows You How to Keep Your Work Uniform Clean at All Times

Tzvi Odzer Shows You How to Keep Your Work Uniform Clean at All Times

Tzvi Odzer is a professional that everybody likes. His company, BT Supplies West, Inc., has recently acquired OK uniform, an 85- year old uniform company that is located in New York City. They specialize in producing many different uniforms for various industries. “We are very pleased with this new category offering to our many customers, across various industries, who rely on us for additional cost-saving options,” said Dan Marell, VP of Business Development. “I am excited to welcome Avi and Ezra, long-time friends and truly exceptional individuals, into the BT Supplies West family,” said Tzvi Odzer, who orchestrated the deal for BT Supplies West.


Thankfully, Tzvi Odzer is here to provide you with some tips to keep your uniform clean. Let’s take a closer look at some of the masterful insight that Tzvi Odzer has given us on keeping our uniforms clean since he is an expert in the field of uniform companies.


Tzvi Odzer Says You Should Treat Stains Right Away

There is a small window of time that you in order to treat a stain on your clothes. This is due to the fact that stains can absorb into the fabric fairly quickly and damage your uniform. Tzvi Odzer states that you should have some kind of cleaning material nearby to treat the uniform in the event that it becomes stained.


Tzvi Odzer Says You Should Wear Protective Apparel

The base uniform is very important and should be protected. This is why you need to wear protective clothing on top of that to keep it safe from stains. For example, you need to have an apron on if you wish to avoid stains when working at a restaurant. This is due to the fact that stains can fall on your uniform at any time. Tzvi Odzer recommends that you wear protective apparel at all times if you wish to keep your uniforms clean.


Tzvi Odzer Says You Should Wash Your Hands

Tzvi Odzer knows the importance of washing your hands. He is constantly washing his hands at work to not spread the coronavirus to other people. You should always wash your hands at work and do not touch your uniform if you can help it. This will prevent you from touching your uniform and staining it if there is any kind of substance on your hands that can stain your clothes.


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