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Tzvi Odzer Shows You How to Keep Your Work Uniform Clean at All Times

Tzvi Odzer Shows You How to Keep Your Work Uniform Clean at All Times

Tzvi Odzer is a professional that everybody likes. His company, BT Supplies West, Inc., has recently acquired OK uniform, an 85- year old uniform company that is located in New York City. They specialize in producing many different uniforms for various industries. “We are very pleased with this new category offering to our many customers, across various industries, who rely on us for additional cost-saving options,” said Dan Marell, VP of Business Development. “I am excited to welcome Avi and Ezra, long-time friends and truly exceptional individuals, into the BT Supplies West family,” said Tzvi Odzer, who orchestrated the deal for BT Supplies West.


Thankfully, Tzvi Odzer is here to provide you with some tips to keep your uniform clean. Let’s take a closer look at some of the masterful insight that Tzvi Odzer has given us on keeping our uniforms clean since he is an expert in the field of uniform companies.


Tzvi Odzer Says You Should Treat Stains Right Away

There is a small window of time that you in order to treat a stain on your clothes. This is due to the fact that stains can absorb into the fabric fairly quickly and damage your uniform. Tzvi Odzer states that you should have some kind of cleaning material nearby to treat the uniform in the event that it becomes stained.


Tzvi Odzer Says You Should Wear Protective Apparel

The base uniform is very important and should be protected. This is why you need to wear protective clothing on top of that to keep it safe from stains. For example, you need to have an apron on if you wish to avoid stains when working at a restaurant. This is due to the fact that stains can fall on your uniform at any time. Tzvi Odzer recommends that you wear protective apparel at all times if you wish to keep your uniforms clean.


Tzvi Odzer Says You Should Wash Your Hands

Tzvi Odzer knows the importance of washing your hands. He is constantly washing his hands at work to not spread the coronavirus to other people. You should always wash your hands at work and do not touch your uniform if you can help it. This will prevent you from touching your uniform and staining it if there is any kind of substance on your hands that can stain your clothes.


Tzvi Odzer’s $100,000 COVID-19 PPE Donation

The COVID-19 impact on the nation’s public health system was a surprise as well as shocking in how fast it moved and how ill-prepared our emergency room networks were. Both in terms of supply logistics and readiness, it became apparent that by the end of March 2020, the U.S. was in bad shape regarding sufficient basic personal protective equipment or PPE for front-line medical workers. However, that didn’t mean the panic needed to continue. People like Tzvi Odzer sprung into action, with Odzer himself donating $100,000 to move PPE supplies to New York City hospitals where they were badly needed in the first few months of the infection response. 

Modern Day Logistics Turned Fragile Under Stress | Tzvi Odzer

Much of the breakdown had to do with PPE supply stocks suddenly being insufficient for the outrageous demand levels that weren’t anticipated. As a result, even regional suppliers that responded to city hospitals had little stock on hand. However, Tzvi Odzer was familiar with organizational, facility sanitation, and janitorial supply due to his own industry experience in the same field. It wasn’t even a matter of questioning; Tzvi Odzer galvanized fellow investors and community leaders and led a donation drive to provide local hospitals with the critical supplies and funding needed to better protect their front-line workers, from doctors to nurses to the hospital cleaning staff. 

Getting the Ball Rolling | Tzvi Odzer

Tzvi Odzer’s response was not a drop in the bucket. As he and community leaders like Rabbi Rubin worked over the details of how best to help, New York City hospitals were dealing with one of the worst waves of COVID-19, which ultimately resulted in over 24,000 deaths in the city by the time New York had regained public health control of the situation. It was obvious to everyone that New York City was at the epicenter of the impact, and Tzvi Odzer and those like him had the fortunate ability to do something about it. 

Saving Lives Saves More Lives | Tzvi Odzer 

Between Rabbi Rubin and Tzvi Odzer, both were able to seed a fund with Odzer’s initial $100,000 donation to help doctors and nurses obtain critical PPE, keeping them alive while treating extremely virulent patients and trying to save lives as well. In the end, much more was needed, but Tzvi Odzer was able to generate support that saved the lives of dozens of health workers as well as patients too. The work continues, and Tzvi Odzer continues to source and support additional resources for masks, PPE, and ventilators for New York City hospitals. Still, the initial help Tzvi Odzer kickstarted isn’t forgotten in the haze of recovery. 

Getting Masks To People In Need: How Tzvi Odzer Is Doing His Part

Tzvi Odzer Discusses The Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund: Helping Americans Stay Safe 

Research on the COVID-19 crisis is getting more and more detailed every day, and one fact is clear: masks help. Wearing a mask reduces transmission of the coronavirus from one person to another by a substantial amount. CEO and philanthropist Tzvi Odzer is working hard to ensure that people across the country have access to the masks they need to keep themselves and their loved ones protected, no matter what their economic status. 

Tzvi Odzer has always been committed to helping others, and he sees supplying people in need of equipment as a paramount priority during the COVID-19 crisis. According to the latest research from top health organizations, wearing a mask combined with other protective measures (such as hand washing and social distancing) can slow the spread of COVID-19. Tzvi Odzer wants to work to ensure that people across the country have access to the protective equipment they need. 

Tzvi OdzerThe Stephen Odzer COVID Relief Fund is working to get masks into areas where people may be struggling to afford protective measures. Sadly, some people need to choose between keeping themselves and their families safe and providing basic needs, such as food and healthcare. Tzvi Odzer is working to ensure that no American family needs to make this choice by developing a fund that provides masks to people struggling to afford them on their own. 

In addition to the stress caused by struggling to provide for their family’s basic needs, people who live at a low-income level are also more likely than others to have jobs that require them to interact with the public regularly, mentions Tzvi Odzer. This makes it even more important that people who have a low level of income have access to the protective equipment that they need. When a person works in a public-facing job has access to the protective equipment required to stay as safe as possible, they’re lessening the likelihood of them catching the virus (and needing to take valuable time off work), as well as lowering the chances of passing the virus on to family members at home, says Tzvi Odzer. 

While Tzvi Odzer has donated to similar funds in the past, this is his first time starting his own non-profit venture to help people through the COVID-19 crisis. Tzvi Odzer’s track record clarifies that he prioritizes helping others, and the COVID-19 crisis presents a unique need to help people stay safe.

Tzvi Odzer Discusses the Importance of Voting in These Troubled Times

To understand the importance of voting, Tzvi Odzer believes we must first understand the history of voting in our country. It is easy to take a right to vote for granted if we do not know the sacrifices made by so many to obtain that right.

Only white male landowners were allowed to vote in the late 1700s. As time went on, there were literacy tests and poll taxes. Tzvi Odzer says many believe these were attempts to keep African-American men from voting.

Tzvi Odzer says women did not win the right to vote until 1920. In the 1960s, lawmakers introduced policies to keep many people from having the right to vote. One of these was a tax required to register to vote. A lot of people in those days could not pay this tax.

In 1965, The Voting Rights Act gave hope to many, and in 1971, eighteen-year-olds could legally vote. Tzvi Odzer says that in 1975 the Voting Rights Act went further to include assistance for non-English speaking minorities, and 1982, new protections were added for the disabled.

Unfortunately, in 2013, the Supreme Court disabled a large portion of The Voting Rights Act, and once again, people had to fight for the right to vote.

Tzvi Odzer

Tzvi Odzer says this is just a very shortened version of this country’s voting challenges. Still, he hopes that it will remind us of the great privilege and responsibility to exercise our right to vote in our elections every opportunity we get.

Our country needs strong leadership and a willingness on both sides of the aisle to work together to get things accomplished. Tzvi Odzer acknowledges that there is a vast divide between parties and gridlock that binds the hands of good men and women who are trying to do the right thing for our great country. Only by voting do we let our politicians know where we stand.

Tzvi Odzer believes making our voices heard through voting is something every person should do, not only for themselves but for every American who sacrificed to give us this precious right. There are people in other countries who can do nothing without fear of retribution. People in our country complain about what is not going right, but on voting day, where are they? Tzvi Odzer believes that if we do not vote, we have no right to complain. There are unique challenges this year due to the COVID 19 pandemic. It is essential to stay updated on how this will take place.

Tzvi Odzer not only actively encourages Americans to vote but is also heavily involved with the Republican Jewish Coalition. This coalition seeks to strengthen the relationship between the Jewish community in America and the decision-makers in the Republican Party.

Tzvi Odzer Helps Distribute Much Needed Medical Supplies

Tzvi Odzer and a local yeshiva combine forces to raise funds and provide medical supplies for local medical facilities and their patients.

If the past few months have shown us anything, it’s that Coronavirus is not going away anytime soon. With millions of active cases and well over 100,000 deaths in the United States alone, COVID-19 is shaping up to be one of the most deadly and impactful viruses of our time. However, the situation is not hopeless, says Tzvi Odzer

Many volunteers and non-profit organizations have banded together to aid those on the frontlines, particularly medical workers who are exposed to the virus on a daily basis. Tzvi Odzer counts himself among the dozens of local residents to help raise funds and distribute medical supplies in and around Great Neck, New York.

Tzvi Odzer

Tzvi Odzer Joins the Effort to Combat COVID-19

The efforts originated at the local yeshiva, under the direction of Rabbi Eitan Rubin of Beit Medrash. Together with several other local organizations, Rabbi Eitan Rubin and Tzvi Odzer worked together to raise funds throughout April and March. As COVID-19 showed no signs of slowing down, Tzvi Odzer decided to dedicate more of his time to helping his community through volunteering and fundraising efforts.

Both Tzvi Odzer and Rabbi Eitan Rubin were shocked at the level of support they received. Funds accumulated quickly, allowing the duo to ramp up their efforts. Volunteers also showed up by the dozen to help transport medical supplies to local facilities and provide medical workers with additional provisions.

Tzvi Odzer Sees His Efforts as a Duty

While the efforts of Tzvi Odzer, Rabbi Eitan Rubin, and the local Great Neck community are admirable, Tzvi Odzer isn’t looking for praise. In fact, he thinks that he is just fulfilling his basic duties to the community. He had this to say on the matter:

“A lot of people get into volunteer work so that they can put it on their resume or brag about it to their coworkers. That’s just not how I operate. COVID-19 is a global pandemic that is affecting small communities all around the world. While governments need to step up to the plate to fight this terrible virus, regular people also must band together to show solidarity and strength. We cannot just sit back and wait for Coronavirus to go away on its own. We have to fight and do our civic duty. We need more people to donate time and money to help the medical workers on the front lines. This is the only way we can get through this crisis. We must do it together. Now is not the time to worry about who gets credit for their actions. We must forget about our selfishness and focus on the good of the community at the local, national, and global levels,” said Tzvi Odzer.

Tzvi Odzer Talks About How Bar Mitzvahs Will Evolve Post-Pandemic

The Coming of Age Event Will Get a Makeover, Tzvi Odzer Explains

The Jewish faith has always celebrated the coming of age for boys and girls with bar and bat mitzvahs. They include a large gathering of people, a confirmation ceremony, and a reading from the Torah. Tzvi Odzer explains that the pandemic has caused a significant amount of changes to the ritual process.

Post-pandemic, many families are still going to be hesitant to gather. While families themselves may be gathering in their homes and even at synagogues, there’s still the risk of inviting others. Extended families and friends can lead to a second wave of the pandemic, Tzvi Odzer fears.

As a man of the Jewish faith and an entrepreneur, he understands the importance of celebrating a bar mitzvah properly. “It’s something that every thirteen-year-old boy looks forward to,” Tzvi Odzer explains. While birthdays can be celebrated via car parades, this involves a number of different rituals. There are rights and obligations that follow with the celebration.

Once a boy turns 13, it involves wearing tefillin and participating in the synagogue. As for the bar mitzvah, there may be a speech that is delivered. Some may even choose to lead a service to show that they are taking their place within the Jewish community.

Tzvi Odzer

Although it’s going to be harder, Tzvi Odzer recognizes that there are still opportunities. Some of the celebrations can be done via Zoom or Skype. It will allow for the social distancing to be followed. Further, it will allow for the speeches and the Torah readings to still happen.

As for the party itself, these may be limited to smaller friends. There may also be the need to follow the same regulations that restaurants and other venues are talking about – wellness checks, temperature checks, and even requiring guests to show a health certificate before being allowed to attend the party. Tzvi Odzer says that he’ll support all of this if it means that kids can celebrate a bar mitzvah as close to “normal” as possible.

Tzvi Odzer explains that there has even been something created that is a “zoom mitzvah.” It takes all of the elements of a bar mitzvah and presents them on a Zoom call. It allows the 13-year-old to share the special moment with friends and family. Meanwhile, the element of social distancing is still maintained.

Further, Tzvi Odzer explains that many families spend months and even years preparing for this event. Delaying the festivities simply cannot be done. So, there are different ways to explore how to have a bar mitzvah celebration now and after the pandemic has subsided. The way the celebrations took place before may be a thing of the past. However, Tzvi Odzer explains that there are plenty of ways to hold onto as many of the rituals and traditions as possible.

Tzvi Odzer Discusses Traveling to Israel in the Time of a Global Pandemic

Tzvi Odzer Explores the Feasibility of Visiting Israel While COVID-19 is Still a Threat

There are a number of people who wish to travel to Israel. This includes individuals who want to visit family, make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and return to work within the country. With the COVID-19 pandemic, travel isn’t as easy as it once was. Tzvi Odzer, an entrepreneur with a significant amount of family-based in Israel, explores the options for travel.

Tzvi Odzer has the desire to visit family in Israel. It has been a while since he has visited, and some of his family is older. As such, he has been exploring the details on the US Embassy website as it pertains to traveling to Jerusalem and the rest of Israel.

On March 18, the government of Israel made an announcement that foreigners, including US citizens, are not allowed to enter Israel. While there are exceptions for those who have lives based in Israel, it is hard to get on to the list. Those who simply want to visit family are unable to do so until the government of Israel makes future announcements.

Tzvi Odzer has been following the number of cases closely. Until there are no more active cases of the coronavirus in Israel, it is unlikely that the government will change their travel stance.

Tzvi Odzer

Tzvi Odzer also acknowledges that any US citizens that are allowed to enter Israel will be required to undergo health screening and, potentially, a mandatory 14-day quarantine. This would take place in a quarantine center established by the government of Israel. In some instances, home isolation would be allowed if there is the ability to demonstrate that it can be done properly.

Prior to booking any kind of travel, Tzvi Odzer recommends contacting the local Israeli embassy or consulate to discuss the possibilities of visiting the country. Particularly for those who hold an Israeli visa, including students, it may be possible. However, it’s best to know prior to booking airfare.

Until Tzvi Odzer has the ability to travel to Israel, he’s forced to rely on other methods of staying in communication. He has worked with all of his family based in New York to arrange Skype calls with those who are in Israel. While it’s not the same as visiting in person, it’s the safest way to communicate right now.

The pandemic has caused a number of areas around Israel to close their borders to visitors. In addition to Israel not accepting visitors from the United States, the government of Jordan has suspended both outbound and inbound flights. There are also checkpoints closed between Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Tzvi Odzer plans to visit Israel again once the borders open back up. Until then, he will continue to follow the updates issued by the government of Israel as well as the U.S. Embassy.

Steven Odzer Shares 5 Takeaways from the Economic Club

Steven Odzer attended the Economic Club on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, where President Donald Trump was a guest speaker. “My table was right in front of the dais. I’m a strong supporter of the Republican Party and the RJC, so it was an honor to attend the event.” As an active supporter of the Republican Party for many years, Steven Odzer shares his takeaways from Trump’s speech.

Steven Odzer HendersonMoving Production Back from China
Steven Odzer has worked in the distribution industry since he was 18 when he started his first company out of his parent’s garage. He agrees with President Trump that the world is a competitive place, but it’s important to help Americans succeed. President Trump talked about his plan to move production factories back to the U.S. and help the American People.

Trade Deal with China
Steven Odzer mentions that one of the most important takeaways of the event was the president’s stand on the trade deal with China. In his speech, President Trump addressed his position on phase one of the Trade Deal with China. “A significant ‘phase one’ trade deal with China could happen. [It] could happen soon. But we will only accept a deal if it’s good for the United States and our workers and our great companies because we’ve been hit very hard,” said President Trump.

The Current U.S. Job Market
As someone who has been in the distribution industry for over 30 years, Steven Odzer pays close attention to the overall job market of the country. President Trump mentioned how Americans are now forced to work two or three jobs and make a lot less money than they made 21 years ago. However, due to recent changes in the market, “A record number of Americans are quitting the job they had to take the job they like even better … This increased competition is driving up wages for blue-collar workers,” said the President.

The U.S. Economy
As the CEO of the new YBT Industries of Henderson, NV, Steven Odzer is affected by fluctuations in the economy. A takeaway from the speech is the mention that the American economy is headed for an “economic boom.” President Trump said, “We have ended the war on American workers, we have stopped the assault on [the] American industry, and we have launched an economic boom the likes of which we have never seen before.”

Trade Relationships with Other Countries
Since this is part of his industry, Steven Odzer pays close attention to trade relationships with other countries. He shares the opinion with President Trump that many countries charge the United States with exorbitant tariffs or make it impossible for trade.

Aside from supporting the Republican Party and the RJC, Steven Odzer also supports the AHRC Foundation, Bris Avrohom, Jewish and Non-Jewish causes, and Arab/Jewish business cooperation. When he’s not making a difference in the world and his community, you can find Steven Odzer at a New York Yankees game or cheering on the Las Vegas Golden Knights. He also loves to spend quality time with his seven children and nine grandchildren.

Tzvi Odzer Reflects on the Success of Paper Pro, Inc.

Tzvi Odzer Henderson

Tzvi Odzer is the current CEO of YBT Industries of Henderson, NV, and has over 30 years of experience in the distribution industry. The business career of Tzvi Odzer had humble beginnings. “I started my first company at age 18 out of my parents’ basement,” he says. At this time, Tzvi Odzer started selling napkins, paper cups, and plates door to door in his neighborhood of Flatbush, Brooklyn. After many years of hard work, he was able to expand his business to selling supplies to food chain restaurants and eventually hospitals and nursing homes.

Tzvi Odzer confesses, “Janitorial supplies are not sexy items, but it’s big business.” By the year 1999, long after the days of selling door to door, Tzvi Odzer’s company was making it big. Paper Pro Inc., a company that sold janitorial products, made almost $15 million in revenue. Following the momentum of his success, Tzvi Odzer was also named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the area of distribution in the year 2000.

While many people would have been happy with this success, Tzvi Odzer was ready to catch a bigger fish. In 1998 Tzvi Odzer had merged Paper Pro with another company, but he decided to resign as President and CEO to focus on his new business venture. With the growth of the online market, Tzvi Odzer decided to channel all of his energy into, an online marketplace selling janitorial supplies and equipment., headquartered in the Empire State Building, became an exciting new venture for Tzvi Odzer. During the initial stages of, Tzvi Odzer was so confident in its success, and he invested $1 million of his money. With a 75% stake of the company, Tzvi Odzer used his Paper Pro contacts to raise $3 million in capital from investors to run the new company. He planned to take the company public later that year.

It wasn’t long before had ten employees and 1,000 members before the official launch. Tzvi Odzer had big plans for his new company. His goal was to have 10,000 customers within 60 days of launching the site. Although he was busy starting a new company, Paper Pro also remained a focus for Tzvi Odzer. He stated that both companies had completely separate agendas.

Aside from taking the distribution industry by storm, Tzvi Odzer also helps worthy causes. He is a big supporter of Jewish and non-Jewish causes, the Arab-Jewish business cooperation, and agencies that help people with disabilities. Tzvi Odzer likes to spend his free time with his seven children and nine grandchildren.

To contact Tzvi Odzer, please visit:

Steven Odzer Shares Why Young Americans Should Vote

Businessman Steven Odzer is a proud Republican and has been a strong supporter of the Republican Jewish Coalition for many years. For Steven Odzer, his participation in politics is important since he likes to stay on top of what is best for his community. “I am very involved with Republican Party and Republican Jewish Committee,” he says. Steven Odzer recognizes it’s important to also get young Americans to vote and find their voice, so they can make a difference in the local and national level. He shares why he considers important that young Americans vote.

According to Steven Odzer of Henderson, many young Americans don’t realize how much influence they have on the future of their country. Statistics show that the young vote accounts for about half of the voting population. Although the young vote declined 2% from 52% in the 2008 election, young voters still made up half of the voters in 2016. It will only be a matter of time before millennials overpower baby boomers as a population, which is why it’s so important they get out and vote.

Steven Odzer of Henderson expresses that although young Americans feel their vote doesn’t count, it absolutely does. The young population needs to understand that since they make up over half of the voting population their vote counts.

Another reason why young Americans should vote is because they are the ones who got hit the hardest during the recession of 2008. The recession affected many financial sectors that made an impact on the life of young Americans such as jobs, healthcare, and student debt. By voting, young voters can take charge and support the leaders that represent their best financial interests. Aside from being a large group, young voters are also a diverse group. Young voters come from all kinds of different backgrounds, which also help diversify the vote. According to Steven Odzer is important to talk to them about the importance of voting from an early age.

Aside from being involved with politics, Steven Odzer is the current CEO and founder of YBT Industries of Henderson. Steven Odzer of Henderson has worked in the distribution industry for 30 years. When he’s not chasing after his grandchildren, he’s cheering on the New York Yankees or the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Steven Odzer and his family also like to give back to the community. They support causes such as both Jewish and non-Jewish causes, the AHRC, and Bris Avrohom, a large non-profit that helps Jewish immigrants from Russia integrate into life in the U.S.